Tyler Wallasch

Professional Skier and Olympian from Mammoth Lakes, CA. Now split between Alpine, Wyoming and Åre Sweden. I Race Ski Cross on the World Cup Tour, as an independent racer representing the USA. When Im not on the road for competition, I still love to be in the Mountains and outdoors, or training in the gym to perform my best in the Outdoors!  Im also a student Helicopter Pilot!

Favorite products


Black - Green / Pure Grey Silver Mirror



Matte Black - Skilynx



Black - Pure Grey



What is your motto?

Ive had several I like to live by over the years. One of my current ones, is Burn the Ships. To me this means not backing down and no turning back. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

MY whole career. Ive been an independent athlete my entire professional career. Ive never had help from "my" national team. So I had to learn how to fund myself, coach myself, and push myself. No one was going to do it for me. So every single time I prove those who refuse to support me wrong Im grinning from ear to ear. And It makes those who DO support me that much more special to my pursuits! 

What does Vuarnet represent to you?

Excellence and quality in materials and production. A perseverance to do things their own way. Doing things the way they should be done, not the easy way. When I am in the World Representing Vuarnet, It reminds me to hold myself to a higher standard.