Prescription Integrated Shield

Only the Vuarnet boutique in Paris and New York and Vuarnet's selected partner opticians are authorized to offer Vuarnet frames equipped with original Vuarnet corrective lenses. Once you chose your frame, our production facility in Meaux, France will custom make it for you and deliver it to your optician or Vuarnet boutiques in Paris and New York within a few weeks.


In addition to our signature mineral lenses, Vuarnet also produces frames equipped with polycarbonate single-screen lenses. Also known as organic lenses, their main advantage is their ultra-lightness. Born from extensive research, development, manufacturing innovations and testing, Vuarnet presents the first prescription integrated shield, a one-piece lens architecture resulting in elite optical clarity.

It replaces the need for clip ons and implant systems that have limited prescription ranges, limited impact and safety standards, limited comfort, and overall limited aesthetic appeal.

Our innovative fully integrated prescription shield offers numerous benefits:

  • Ghost oculars: the integrated prescriptive oculars are not visible from the outside
  • Dynamic range progressive: Available in single and progressive vision - currently compatible with 85% of prescriptions
  • Wide panoramic vertical and peripheral field of vision
  • Superior impact resistance to RX implant systems

The frames available for prescription: