Carly Margulies

My name is Carly Margulies and I am a member of the US Woman’s Halfpipe Ski Team, as well as a 2022 Winter Olympian. I have been skiing since the ripe age of 3 years old and have been competing in halfpipe skiing for 13 years now. I plan to continue skiing, with goals of competing in the next 2026 Olympic Games in Italy. Outside of skiing, I have obtained my bachelors degree in Cognitive Psychology and plan to acquire a PhD in Neuropsychology at some point down the road. My main interests in life are skiing, thrift shopping, finding good food where ever I may be, being in the outdoors, and learning more and more about mental health.

Favorite products


Matte Black - Black / Pure Grey



White - Pure Grey Silver Mirror



Blue - Blue Polarlynx



What is your motto?

This too shall pass.
So it goes.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Making the 2022 Olympic team after having not competed for 2 years and tearing my meniscus just 2 months prior. 

What does Vuarnet represent to you?

Vuarnet represents a company that virtues it's athletes above all else and values feedback at any point.