Visions of Morocco

Visions of Morocco

In this period of uncertainty, we asked ourselves the question of revealing to you our new summer collection first images. Is it really the right moment? We first decided to postpone the release, and instead we decided to share our previous “Vuarnet Days” adventures, to help ease your thoughts during this quarantine period. But with the time flying, we became more and more impatient to present our new Vuarnet Day to you as this adventure revealed itself to be a honey pot of positive energy.

Photo Credits: Vince Perraud / Tom Tubiana

So last January, we set off to explore Morocco. In full sunlight, this country is a real adventure destination. A place where time stands still to create unique moments. A journey that rhymes with smiles and freedom.

This adventure is also an opportunity to present our new collections of sunglasses and clothing. Among all the news, the District collection is expended with the arrival of 3 new shapes. To complete this reinvigoration, we updated the design of our temples to include a sleek Vuarnet logo.

For the first leg of this journey, surfboards at the ready, we set off to Imsouane. This small fishing village on the west side is the perfect place to revitalize yourself.

After several hours of driving through amazing landscapes, we turn to head for the village. Along the way, Louise, who already knows the place, warns us, there is a special atmosphere here. It will not be long to discover it and after a last turn on the road, we finally discover the bay below. From the cliff where we are, the village offers itself to us, and we can admire the famous wave of the bay which is repeated endlessly before our eyes.

Surfing conditions here are often excellent, and by the next morning no one can contain their desire to get in the water. The sun rises in the ocean behind the cliffs and warms us quickly. The ebb tide offers a wave of an exemplary regularity. We’re not alone, but the magic of the moment allows us to escape reality.

In the afternoon, we head north. A local told us about a small beach, we should not miss. A little piece of paradise that travel guides tend to forget. The road runs along the coast, the long straight lines are linked and the desire to ride them become more and more. Pierre does not resist for long, gets out of the car, grabs his skateboard and lets himself be carried away by the rhythm of the asphalt that passes under his feet.

We finally arrive at the spot, the beach stretches as far as the eye can see. After greeting some fishermen, we set off to explore the place. Time stands still to give way to the pleasure of strolling, exploring and remaking the world far from the city.

The prospect of the sunset tears us away from our tranquility, we do not want to miss this show under any pretext. We take the road to Imsouane to stop again at the top of the cliff which overlooks the village. The view is breathtaking, the day ends in the most beautiful way.