Vuarnet High-tech Mineral Lenses


The Vuarnet high tech mineral lenses and Lynx™️ Technology were invented by our co-founder, optician Roger Pouilloux in Paris. Watch our latest film to understand why we are so proud to produce in France since 1957!

100% natural and recyclable, our mineral lenses are the result of decades of accumulated science and know-how dedicated to our relentless, passionate efforts to produce the best lenses in the world. Today, 99.5% of the world’s sunglasses are made with polluting, low tech plastic. Vuarnet mineral lenses are made in our own factory near Paris, the last one producing mineral lenses in France and one of the last three in the world.  

Our lenses offer the highest level of eye protection, the highest definition and visual clarity. They are un-scratchable, ultra-resistant and timeless.

The Lynx™️ Technology, through a bi-layered mirror treatment, offers the best protection from the sunlight directed to the sensitive upper part of the eyes and from the light reverberation to the lower part of the eyes while providing pure clarity. Industry experts would say that the Vuarnet mineral lenses are to optics what diamonds are to jewelry.

Roger Pouilloux and Jean Vuarnet revolutionized the sunglasses world and Vuarnet has been keeping the heritage alive by protecting your eyes with style for more than half a century.


Welcome to the Vuarnet experience! Time to see the world.





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