how to choose your lenses

We have been designing the best mineral sunglasses since 1957.

Handcrafted in our own factory in France near Paris which received the French certification EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), our lenses are 100% Minerals glass. Vuarnet mineral lenses are natural and recyclable by opposition to “plastic” organic lenses that most brands use for their eyewear.

Each of our lenses are engraved with our V trademark and is what guarantees their authenticity.

Equipped with polarized or Lynx® technologies, all of our lenses guarantee the highest levels of Protection, Precision and Comfort.

Although all Vuarnet lenses are suitable for all uses each lens color offers specific benefits to help enhance your vision.. It’s up to you to choose the lens that will help you see the beauty of life in Vuarnet:

blue lens

For a Polarized option, our blue lenses are particularly suitable for the sea and all nautical activities. They help avoid glare and ensure unobstructed optical clarity even in the face of ocean spray, sweat, and rain.

They are also perfect for driving as they assist in the prevention of unwanted glare and reflection.

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brown lens

A versatile lens, suitable for all types of uses. They offer a very warm color perception and enhanced depth perception.

If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend our category 4 brown lenses, the Eclipse.

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orange lens
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Our orange lenses

pink lens
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Our pink lenses

purple lens
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Our purple lenses

yellow lens

The yellow Skilynx lenses are Vuarnet’s ultimate mineral glass lenses. Especially designed for mountaineering, skiing aficionado and golfing, they offer high contrasted vision and deliver enhanced depth perception even on snowy days.

The yellow Nightlynx lenses are specifically designed for driving at night and in foggy weather.

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