how to choose your lenses

We are here to help you find the best lenses for your activities.

All our lenses are suitable for all uses, however each lens technology offers specific benefits to help enhance your vision in different environments: sea, ski, city, and night driving. 

Sea Lenses

Our polarized lenses are particularly suitable for the sea and all nautical activities. They help avoid glare and ensure optical clarity even in the face of ocean spray, sweat and rain.           Lenses : Brown Polar, Grey Polar, Blue Polar, Blue Polarlynx

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Ski lenses

Especially designed for mountaineering, skiing aficionado, they offer high contrasted vision and deliver enhanced depth perception even on snowy days.  They are ideal also for golfing.

Lens : Skilynx 

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City lenses

Our multi use lenses are protective, provide high resolution precision and allow you to view the natural colors around you with crisp optical clarity.

Lenses: Pure Brown, Pure Grey, Greylynx, Brownlynx

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Night Driving Lenses

Mineral tinted glass lenses that offer the clearest vision in low light condition. They significantly improve contrast and perception of distance. 

Lens : Nightlynx

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