Our Responsible Commitments


At Vuarnet, we are committed to develop high-quality, durable and responsible products that allow people to experience the ultimate clarity in all conditions, even in the most extreme environments.

To do this, we choose the best materials and produce our lenses in our own factory in Meaux, near Paris. We have also been certified by the French Living Heritage Corporate Governance, which rewards French companies for the excellence of their know-how.

By choosing to produce our mineral glass lenses and not plastic lenses, we are committed to eco-responsible production. Indeed, mineral glass is 100% natural, 100% recyclable and inherently superior to plastic lenses. By sourcing raw material in France close to our manufacture, we are also attentive to short cycles.

Nevertheless, we are aware that we still have some improvement to do to achieve 100% eco-friendly collections. We are working on it by focusing on two areas of work: our packaging and our frames with new recyclable materials. Stay tuned.

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As a brand linked to nature and outdoor, we support and collaborate on initiatives where protection is at the heart of concerns. Tara Expedition is a French association active since 2003 in favor of the environment that works in collaboration with scientists to strengthen the environmental awareness of the population. For almost 12 years, Tara’s boat has taken 10 expeditions and traveled 350,000 kilometers sailing the oceans.

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Offering the best protection makes us responsible, so it was important to get involved in a cause that was close to our hearts.

Protecting populations living in the most extreme conditions seemed to us to make sense in line with our mission. We support the Shades of Love association, which aims to raise awareness among people living at very high altitudes in the remote Himalayas and Andes of the importance of protecting their eyes. From now on, for any purchase of a Vuarnet model on our site, we offer a FrameSunglassesnew one to the Shades of Love association. Buy One, Give One.

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