Boutique Vuarnet - 39 SPRING STREET - NEW YORK

Community Engagement

Vuarnet's mission is to design and build unrivaled equipment to elevate perception and experience in all elements. While commited to that mission, we also believe in authentic stories, the ones that can improve the world we live in. We recognize the opportunity we have to influence culture and set standards for excellence - not only in the sunglasses craftmanship but also in what it means to be a responsible corporate citizen. For years, we are proud to support and partner with people who work everyday to change the world.

So we are commited to :
- CHARITABLE GIVING : by providing our sunglasses to people in needs that are extremely exposed to UV rays. To make it happen, we are supporting Shades of Love charity association.
- PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT by supporting organizations that are commited to finding solutions in favor of the environment. We are outdoor lovers; we equip those seeking to explore and enjoy the world around them, so we need to take care of it. That s why we are working with Tara Expedition and Energy Observer 

To discover each organization, click on the links below.